Saturday, May 14, 2016

Pre-orders, a call for open excitement July/August pt 1

Not sure why I hadn't started a feature like this before given my awareness of the importance of pre-orders for the survival of books given the odd vagaries of the direct market. Different shops have different ways of doing these things some liking the Diamond item codes some just the titles so I'm going to try to include bother where I can. (Im going to do a separate post about why I think pre-orders are vital ...). Today I'm going to hit a couple books from Black Mask Comics... I'm hitting these first as they are the books I just added to my personal list



Kim + Kim (May161208)

By Magdalene Visaggio, Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre

If you want to get a bit of a preview of this Bleeding Cool has a preview posted here and if your like me lamenting the end of Angela Queen of Hel this may be for you too. The write up you can check out here on Black Mask Studios site and promises to be a book about the power and validation built between friends against a day glow sci fi "queer as shit" Tank Girl-ish adventure story that puts me in mind of the late eighties anime Dirty Pair but with a trans-woman and a lesbian as our rough be tumble heroes. I'm looking forward to the journey this book promises to take us on. It's got support from some of my favorite people in the comics industry with alternate covers and well though it's not a romance book like Angela I think it will fill that void left in my comic reading life.


Jade Street Protection Services (APR163034)

By Katy Rex, Fabian Lelay, Mary Jayne Carpenter and Taylor Esposito

Like Kim + Kim this book fill a void in the books I'm getting right now, the book is being touted as a bit of a magical girl story about the bad girls from a magical academy who meet in detention and learn the assumptions about their world may just be wrong and the realty a bit darker. It sounds to be a book that will appeal to readers of Gotham Acaademy and Zodiac Starforce or Sailor Moon fans who want to see that genre from a bit different angle. To me it's great to see new writers doing something new with the genre and stories they love and again it seems to have support from cool people around the comics world. It's one of Black Masks first all ages appropriate books and I have hopes it will reach a enthusiastic vocal audience.


Anything new that your asking your friendly local comic shop for or that you full on exited for in the coming month that's off the beaten trac.... I'm going to be posting something like this regular... till Monday and the pull list post...take care...G.


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