Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List 2015 Week 1


Operation S.I.N. #1

Katherye Immonen wrote the amazing and sadly no more Journey into Mystery starring Sif and featuring an appearance by my favorite Thor Beta Ray Bill. The book had all the adventure and excitement I craved from a fantasy comic tale and had surprising levels of humor and heart in among all the berzerkers, violence and spandex. I'm also a fan of old pulp era heroics and this book looks to be aiming for that kind of adveture vibe starring none other then Agent Carter. I also have dug the new addition to the golden age era of marvel that Jason Arron created in Original Sin. This is a mini series too so well I expect a tightly plotted tale in a little appreciated era of comics. $3.99


Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #3

This is a book that reminds me of when I was reading manga before I could read Japanese; when paying close attention to the art was a necessity to understanding the story. Marco Rudy's painted panels are way more involved in the storytelling then many traditionally penciled and inked comics and the level of detail involved you see with repeated readings. Ales Kot seems to be playing a long game with the story telling and the Bucky he's writing about is well more complex then the brainwashed assassin that he is on the surface and I suspect that repeated readings will be rewarded. Bucky seems to have a real amuseing sence of humor in this book and its a pleasure to read. $3.99


Feathers #1

There are lots of new number 1s this week that will get a good deal of attention like Unbeatable Squirlgirl, Uncanny Avengers vol 2 and Ant-man to name a few and some if not all of those will be among my pile but this all ages title from Boom is something that might get ignored. Boom is making some of the better kid friendly books out there and that is something rare at the big two who used to be the gateway into comics. This second world fantasy looks really like an imaginative play on steampunk with an out at orphan hero and has some very charming looking artwork. $3.99


Ody-C #2

Matt Fraction is one of the staples I miss now at Marvel but with books like Ody-C and his Casanova coming out th month the sting of the absence of Hawkeye lessens. Ody-C has the feel of the classic epic poem it is adapted from and all the inventive crazyness of post singularity space opera. The art in issue one was a feast for the eyes and though I know we should not expect another crazy gatefold panel the book is so pretty to look at. Its $3.99 but its well worth the premium price... My guess is that this title is not for everyone given its storytelling style and artistic choices.

Lady Killer #1

Dark Horse comics because of my renewed interest in horror comics has gotten my attention again. Lady Killer sounds very interesting set in the sixties about a house wife who is a killer. I'm leaning towards comics written by women these days and I have hopes that this title pushes some interesting boundaries like the work of Deconnick, Wilson and Simone... $3.50


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