Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List Jan 28th 2015


Bitch Planet #2

... Ok its a Kelly Sue Deconnick comic topping my pull list this week but Bitch Planet is the book I most want to read this week; its subversive, ambitious and a work that Kelly Sue says she hopes to live up to her intent and the emergent behavior that would dominate the story. In a way its a grindhouse story and in so many ways its much much deeper and that comes from my read of issue one; for sure it will not be for everyone and its certainly not safe for public consumption or for work. $3.50


Rasputin #4

Between Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo, not forgetting to mention their marvelous colorist her too, spin a marvelously textured and deep story told with almost art alone. Rasputin is a look at this historical figure and his real mythos through the lens of a more fantastic mythos blending fact with fiction creating something brilliantly new. This book makes me want to read Russian classical fiction and folklore and just writing about it makes me want to go back an stare at the georgeous sequential art some more. Truly one of the books I'm glad that I gave a look. $3.50

The Dying & The Dead #1

So much of Jonathan Hickman's work of late have been about death; about the death of worlds and universes and about Death himself so this title is no real surprise. From everything I have read about this oversized issue is looks to be a more personal story about loss and death. The art looks attractive and well though I may say that his stories read better in larger chunks I'm willing to plunk down my $4.50 for this given my enjoyment of FF, Fantastic Four, East of West, and most of all New Avengers .

Secret Avengers # 12

There I go praising New Avengers and he comes the Avengers title that I actually enjoy the most which happens to not be it. Ales Kot is telling what I would have to describe as Avengers by way of weird fiction with heavy doses of odd humor. I originally compared this book to Hawkeye but now with the lack of that this is the fun superhero book to beat. The cast is pretty scattered, the last issue was overall filled with shocking developments and I hope this will prove out as good. Its also the best Spiderwoman and Almost the best Black Widow title out there too. All for $3.99 kind of a steal.

Sundowners #6

And we go from superheroes with a touch of weird to weird horror with a touch of Superhero. I really need to be reading some of Tim Seeley's other books because his take on storytelling just seems to fit my sense of things. Those who miss the days of superhero books being mostly about their own personal issues with occasional fisticuffs this should be rounding out your list. I happen to have grown very fond of the characters in this story particularly Crowlita and Concerned Citizen who both were pretty much stars in the last issue. I'm very curious as to where Tim is taking this story.... $3.50


And that brings my total to 19.49... A week that there is much more temptation out there but I feel there is lots of good in the list here to keep me pretty happy...


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