Monday, January 19, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List Jan 21 2015


Rumble #2

So this was a book I picked up on impulse last month because I recalled that I like John Arcudi and wow this book became the one a wanted to see the next issue of ASAP. Rumble came off right away as a weird fiction title crossing multiple genre categories like horror and urban fantasy and of all things sword and sorcery in Detroit of all places. The art was a bit off putting initially but as I read it I found that I liked the style and want more of it and well I don't know if it will have that effect on everyone but I'm sure there are weird horror comic fans out there who really need to give this modern day sword and sorcery book a go. The first issue introduced us to his cast including his sword wielding scarecrow god and a couple of nere do well demons, at least that is what I thought they were. Lots of fun is here to be had. $3.50


The Wicked + The Divine #7

Ok how can you not pick up a book about incarnated gods in the modern day with Woden/Daft Punk on th cover. Kieron Gillen is kind of my go to guy for great modern mythology unless you count Jason Aaron; Wic+Div is a book that reminds me of thwart it was like to read Preacher back in the day and I really wish I had friends around that were reading tit too because I so want to BS with people about this cool cool book. The second story arc began last issue and if you want to get on to very well written and imagined a mystery ride really grab this and last months issue and hell if your not getting any Marvel books this week get the 9.99 trade to and give yourself a reading treat. Gillen has a very Warren Ellis or Grant Morrision flare with dialogue. $3.50


Dark Horse Presents #6

Dark Horse Presents is something I have been into in the past and I honestly love anthologies when it comes to fiction and at the moment there are some really good strips running in DHP. Alex de Campi and Jerry Ordway 's Semiautomagic is certainly one of the draws for me and is the Odin story from Joe Casey, next months Hellboy also makes this issue hit my list and well its also introducing Matt Kindt's time travel book that is soon to be out that I have some interest in reading. So at 4.99 this is set to break my budget but well I'm kinda crazy sometimes....

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #4

I'm of two minds about there being two issues of this great book this month. One I get two installments, and two Wintersoldiers in the current story, of Ales Kot's magnificent title but two its going to make me miss something at least for now... I wrote about this book before nd I still feel its one of the best super spy books out there inheriting both the new title attached to the old Super Spy Nick Fury and the pop art slot that used to be filled by Kirby and Steranko worth the great work from Marco Rudy.... $3.99 but so worth multiple readings....

Wolverines #3

Why why why am I getting an issue of a weekly comic well its a curiosity thing. I've seen some of the April covers and solicits and I'm kinda hooked and well at least the force has failed to call to me so far. The prospect of a new female character in the x related books also kind of gets me as does the preview that shows the girl on the cover here one speaking to her fox two the fox responding and three messing with the Punisher for some reason..... $3.99... And I'm probably crazy to be picking this up along with 1 and 2....

And the 20 dollar mark is pretty much broken.... But Rumble is in the pile and possibly BPRD to is I really lose my nut and say fuck it...


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