Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marvel Secret Wars... Initial thoughts...


So... Watched the announcement and well...I'm not going to be a gloom and doom nay sayer OK. Here's where my thoughts are on the subject of the Marvel Universe (616) as we know it coming to an end and its likewise my thoughts on the New 52; a good story is a good story is a good story regardless. Will some of what Marvel editorial choose to piss me off, well for sure but I can always stop reading any of the books at any time. I love Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Thor, and quite frankly more titles then I can comfortably afford I'll be sad if they change drastically, end, disappear or the like but I can just vote with my money and buy something else because right now readers are spoilt for good books.

The one thing I will not about the announcement was this there was no mention of a restart or reboot. Sure going out Secret Wars we will have some sort of new status quo and new titles but maybe we won't get an overall new beginning like we did out of Crisis, and ... and .... and... right down to Flashpoint. A couple of the titles I love like Secret Avengers, All New Ghost Rider, All New Invaders, are already slated to end before the event and Silk, SpiderGwen, to begin right before it... I really can't see Marvel throwing out titles like that and like right now only to trash them in just three months. The said during the announcement that we would not believe some of the directions they have planned for this event and that its going to exite and piss of lots of fans; well that statement could be attached to many events.

Here is the other thing that occures to me as someone who like the industry and am trying to learn what I can about putting together my own book. This story itself has been in the can for a while, most of it at this point has to be written, penciled and inked as are some of the books that come out after the event is over. Writers and artists are already at least doing the initial books that follow Secret Wars. Events now a days are not like Crisis and Secret Wars; they hardly last more then four months. What I can say as a fan of Jonathan Hickman's writing is this I think his work benefits from being read as a whole, his runs of Avengers, New Avengers and FF are better in large doses so I expect Secret Wars to be likewise... filled with bg big ideas and ambitious concepts hopefully with great characterization too... I'm on the fence right now but as with the New 52 I'm willing to give things a look before throwing it under the bus.


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