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Dead-wood Pull List Jan 14 2015

Dead-wood pull list is sometimes a dream list given a limited budget but I often try to reflect the actual books that I will be picking up and a bit of signal boost to books that I don't see that many of the bigger comic blogs posts about all that often or at all. My budget is about twenty a week and lately its been hard to actually live up to that so I've been cutting out extra coffies and snacks to allow me a bit more leeway.

Hexed #7

Boom comics and the team of Michael Alan Nelson and Dan Mora as I've said before are putting together one of the better urban fantasy comics out there. Michael pulled his inspiration from many horror sources but mainly from Lovecraft in the creation of his horror mythos for this book and Dan is certainly an artist that needs to be a more recognized name given how stunning his pages are. Michael's story has just the right amount of humor to remind you that this is a human level horror story filled with characters that have depth and background. Anyone digging Wayward, Ghosted, Hellboy or Five Ghosts would feel at home in this book. $3.99 (really for me a must)

All-new Ultimates #12

Anyone who knows about the independently produced Comic Copra knows that Michael Fife is a talented writer artist and promoter having produced an ongoing book all on his own and if you don't and fondly recall John Ostranders Suicide Squad check out the above link. I didn't pick up on this book in the beginning because of all the other new books at the time but the first trade collection is a great different take on recognizable marvel history and mainstays. I'm sad this book is comming to an end given the unique take on the characters and I have hopes people will check out the collected editions. Perhaps Michael Fife and Pinna will be getting a different title post Secret Wars. $3.99 (pretty sure I'll get it if my FLCS has a copy to show support but its worth a look if your curious.)




Shutter #9

I may not need to signal boost for Joe Keating and Leila de Luca's portal fantasy adventure for grown ups but just like me maybe someone out there who would like it just needs that push to try out this pretty well told story. I'm not at all sure what the elevator pitch for this was but it could have been something along the lines of Indiana Jones meets the Wizard of Oz if written by Mario Puzo Godfather style with all the cursing and violence. Style wise nothing on the shelves looks much like the almost watercolor-y artwork or the fact that upon opening the book you are often treated instantly to the magnificent artwork of Leila in pretty much wise screen format if comics could be said to have such a thing without a Ody-c like gatefold. Don't let the smiling kids fool you this is not an all ages book no matter what you think. $3.50 (but worth so much more...)



Captain Marvel #11

Another must have of the week is the continueing adventures of Princess Sparklefists by Kelly Sue Deconnick especially if it features the ever so cute Leiutenant Trouble. This issue brings Carol back to earth after her extended mission into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy who she's spent surprisingly little time with but oh god her appearance in the GotG annual was funny. For the uninitiated I think Kelly Sue does a marvelous job of snatching the readers heart up into her ongoing story and involving us in the lives of her characters. $3.99 for great cosmic marvel stories with a great amount of heart feeling and a spectacular group of artists.... Bargin...


Rat Queens Braga Special

Ok if your an adventure fantasy fan who loves great female heroes, tongue in cheek writing and violence you have to be reading Rat Queens... Its what we wished all our old D&D games could have been and with the first trade out there for $9.99 you got to get this. Anyway the back upcast in Rat Queens is so compelling were getting a one shot focused on the Orc warrioress Braga who is responsible for lots of great fights in the regular series. With the art shakeup a few weeks/ month back its great to have this full the gap as the artist pick up and I so want to read this even thoug I didn't know it was in the works. I expect that this will deliver on all the promises its cover makes... sure Red Sonja/Conan comes out this week too but for me this will be the fantasy book to beat. $3.50 (another must...)

Copperhead #5

This modern homage to Legends of the Galaxy Rangers with lots of Deadwood thrown in is one of the last musts of this week. The first storyline is probably comming to a head as all the pieces of th murder from issue one come together as well as more of the mysteries of the Copperhead are revealed. This is the best partner science fiction book to Saga that I can think of but all in all Image is rocking when it comes to doing great SF comics in the same way Dark Horse is for horror. This story of the sheriff from out of town taking over and stirring things up, especially shown in last issue, certainly builds the tension for this first arc. This book feels like it has lots of history to it and I can't wait for it to be revealed and Boo, the old deputy is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine. $3.50 (pretty much assured I'll get it)


Resurrectionists #3

This caper book will most likely round out my weeks selection because if I pick up All New Ultimates it will break the 20 dollar mark. Fred Van Lente aparently has a great love for history and has funneled that love into this story dating from the times of ancient Egypt into the modern day and the heroes in this book if you can call them that are for sure of the anti type so its been a fun ride getting to this issue. This time around I think well be getting a good bit of reveal about the story Fred is planning to tell at least in this arc and hints of what the book will be going into the future. I guess I could say this book is a bit Indiana Jones told across generations with a singular love at the hear of it. Like many of the books this week $3.50 and its one I wish had some pulpy back up fiction....


So without the Ultimates its 21.98.. And I'll leave it at that but I would love to include more.....


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