Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Comics Jan 25 2015


The Wicked + The Divine #7

The sheer level of cynicism about people I this one issue alone is enough for me to reccommend this book without reserve. Laura, who's involvement with Lucifer made her a pantheon quasi celebraity, attends a Fantheon convention and the depiction of fans from a guests POV is revelatory and was pretty brillant seen through McKelvie art. This issue also reveals a great deal about the enigmatic Woden who's best summed up by his quote "I'm a God not a Saint."; he comes off very much like a man raised to mythic proportions flawed and f-ed but hey that's humanity. Kieron is not telling the story I expected but he's definitely telling a story I love and one that rings totally true if you have a dark view of humanity on the whole. Great book totally five stars...


Rumble #2

Modern day mythology abounds on the top of my favorites from this last week though Rumble has more of Mythos to it with its inhumnaish demons and its apocalyptic Detroit setting. John Arcudi is playing a bit of a long game with some of his set ups in this story pickin up on the weird cat and the odd thing being pushed around by alligators from issue one. Seems issue three will reveal more about the sword wielding scarecrow Rathraq so I'm very much looking forward to seeing the story of this dark vengeful personality and how he relates to all the disparate parts of this book. The art again by James Harren as beauty in its weirdness and does this fan of weird fiction good. Its definitely a four to four and a half stars because of the build up feeling but I have faith that the delivery will rock.


Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #3

This is one of those time I don't feel like the book was overly rushed given the double shipping this month like some others recently because bout issue three and four were pretty great in very different ways. Issue four brings in the story of a possible future Bucky Barnes from a place where a man on the wall is no longer needed. Its art is not the pretty pretty pop art but something more conventional comic but fitting. Ales Kot fits in some convincing philosophical techno talk along with a very emotionally heavy story. It confirmed my faith in this book and I'm hoping that its strong enough to warrant surviving the upcoming universal shakeup. Though I'm a Carol Corps and Guardians kind a reader I'm thinking this book is quickly becoming my go to cosmic level Marvel book. Again four to four and a half stars for how much the last two issues have moved the story forward and making Bucky a favorite for me again.


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