Wednesday, January 21, 2015


There was another bit of announcement yesterday that got overshadowed by the Marvel Secret Wars one, aparently one of my favorite comic. properties from the nineties may just be coming back. Milestone was an imprint started by DC comics back in the day when they were open to creative ideas and directions like the mature line of comics under the Vertigo banner that brought us Preacher, and picked up titles like Doom Patrol, Sandman and Swamp Thing that were already in print. Milestone represented a more colorful and diverse universe the the one that came out of the war years and the baby boom. As was reported elsewhere (namely comic book resources) the co-founders Denys Cowan who did art for many of their titles and Reginald Hudlin along with Derek Dingle have plans in the works to revive the imprint beyond the auspice of DC comics. The plan came about partially to honor the other co-founder Dwayne McDuffie who died in 2011 and wrote several of the Milestone titles and wrote many stories that I recall really loving.

Milestone introduced characters from many different rack grounds and cultures in its initial offerings Icon, their superman/Shazam like book, Hardware, which was a spin on an Ironman kind of hero, Static, their coming of age hero story and the one that has had the most legs outside the imprint, and Blood Syndicate, the first team book that was a gang like story. They added more series over the years of their existence and gave the start to lots of artists and writers and actally had at the time some of the better stories at least for me. I pretty much collected all of their offerings from beginning to end and lamented their loss once they were gone.

With the fact that the comics industry, at least some sectors of it, recognize that the reading audience is way more diverse then just white nerdy male teens and looking for characters that reflect them and the world around them Milestone may just have more legs this time around. Further articles have revealed that the creators involved want more then just nostalgia in reviving the imprint they want to go forward from where they were. I have great hopes for them and look forward to hearing more.... Best new comics news I read this week...



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